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Brandon Delgado

Brandon Delgado

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PostSubject: Character Bios   Character Bios Icon_minitimeWed Aug 14, 2013 5:08 pm

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Brandon Delgado

Brandon Delgado

Posts : 3
Join date : 2011-05-07
Age : 27

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Character Bios Icon_minitimeWed Aug 14, 2013 8:06 pm

Jadon Young


Flirty, Aggressive, Stubborn, and Protective



250 (Mostly Muscle)

Character Traits:
Skillful With A Bow.
Strong. (can lift twice his weight.)
Quick Learner.

Character Flaws:
Not much for study.
Lets his emotions take control.

Back Story/Description:
Even as a child Jadon was very skillful. He was raised in a family of hunters who lived in Shiganshina, not far from the entrance of wall Maria. His family was known for their use of animal companions as partners when they hunted. This way they could get the best game and sell food to the citizens that lived inside the wall. Among this, the Young family was also known for their strength and will the fight. Each generation became soilders within the Garrison. Jadon's father, Ekon was the most recent entry into the Garrison. At the age of 3 Jadon had killed his first Rabbit. At age 5 his first Deer. You could say that Jadon was a jack of all trades, and a very quick learner. If you showed Jadon how something was done, he was able to catch on within minutes!

Although Jadon was very good at all physical activities, metal activities was his down fall. He wasn't a dumb kid, he preformed average in math and sciences, he just couldn't understand why anyone would see these things. So he never focused or cared much for study. Among his quick learning skills and strength, Jadon knew about secret places within the walls that allowed him to sneak between them without anyone else knowing. This allowed him to make friends with kids around his age.

Jadon was only 12 years old when his world came crashing down around him. He was in Wall Maria playing with some friends when it happened. Jadon was showing off his skills again by shooting rocks at a target 50ft away from him using a slingshot his father made for him that morning.

"My dad said it was just until he could give me my real birthday present!" Jadon spoke happily drawing the sling back to his cheek ready to fire. Today was Jadon's birthday. He couldn't wait to get his real present when his father came back from work. His father was working the gate at wall Maria that day. Jadon released the sling from his fingers and let the rock fly from it. It hit the target straight on, right in the middle.

"HA! I DID IT!" He yelled jumping up in celebration. It took him a while to notice that his friends were no longer paying attention to him.

"What's up guys? What are we looking at...?" He spoke turning to see what looked like a giant hand peeking over the top of the wall. Everyone around him was shocked, shaken from the image in front of their eyes. Their faces pale with fright, yet somehow Jadon was able to form words.

"RUN!!!!" What happened next was hard for anyone to forget. All around him people were screaming, pushing, and running. Building coming down around him. His mind drifted back to the times with his father. He remembered all he had taught him.

"Push on." His father would say. Push on. This was their family motto. Something they all lived by, something he would never forget. In the woods outside of wall Maria his family would hunt for food. Sometimes they would be trapped for days without anything to eat. This is how he learned to live, how he learned to survive. Push on. When you are weak, push on. When you can't walk anymore, push on. This is what he would do. This is what he needed to do for himself and for his friends.

He managed to get some of his friends to Wall Rose that day. But not without casualties. His friend Jax's father was killed by a Titan. He was eaten right in front of them and it came for them next. Luckly for them, Jadon's father came for them.

"JADON! GET YOUR FRIENDS OUT OF HERE!" His father yelled as a giant hand lunged for him. With a blink of an eye, the Titan's hand was gone. Ekon had used his blades and cut it off before it was able to grab him. But the Titan didn't give up. With it's other hand it tried again. Suddenly from a figure appeared from the alley to the left of them. It jumped onto the Titan digging it's claws into it's back.

"MARK! I TOLD YOU TO PROTECT THE OTHERS!" Ekon spoke again as the 800 pound beast landed in front of him with it's fangs beared. It was a wolf. Mark was Ekon's animal companion, a 800 pound Dire Wolf. As Mark handled the Titan Ekon turned to his son and sighed.

"Jadon, I wanted to wait until I got home but I'll have to give you your birthday present early." From the pack Ekon wore on his back he he pulled out what seemed like a small white puppy, a dire wolf pup. It's eyes were a blue as the sky, and fur as soft as silk. As Ekon handed over the pup it let out a small whine. Mark's ears twitched at the sound, and for a moment the world around stopped.

"Train him well. He will always be by your side." With Ekon's arms outstretched a smile came across his face, Jadon smiled back. Large blood stained teeth came from over head. Ekon's arms fell to the ground as Jadon's face was covered in his fathers blood. Jadon's smile turned into shock as Mark desperately tried to rescue his master. It was too late, one gulp and Ekon was gone.

It was at this moment Mark jumped into action. He led the group of children into the safety of Trost. After they were safe Mark fled back into Wall Maria. Mark was never seen again. As Jadon's eyes fixed to the bundle of fur in his arms, his friends gathered around. It was the last thing his father gave him. His last birthday present from his father. The blood had stained it. It's white coat turned brown with each moment that passed. Jadon's face was still drenched in Ekon's blood. Jadon took a rag he had in his back pocket and began wiping what blood he could from the animal.

"Jadon... What do we do now?" Jax asked as they all stared into the setting sun.

"Titan." A puzzled look came across the group.

"I'm calling him Titan." Jadon said and he turned away from the sun setting on this horrible day. This day he would always have to remember. The day he turned 13, his birthday.
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Character Bios
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